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Discover Mouthwatering Best Food in Goa during your Unforgettable Stay

[et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text]Are you planning to visit Goa this year? Do you want to discover which famous food in Goa can please your taste buds? If so, then read this article till the end; we have laid down some top-notch best food that you shouldn’t miss eating during your pleasurable stay in Goa.

Top-notch local Goa food for Your Taste Buds: 

 #1 Pork Vindaloo 

Portuguese inspire Goa’s entire food. This dish is typical of Greek origin, and Goans have given a new shape to it. The dish contains a good combination of Pork, red wine, and garlic. You will discover that Goans have replaced palm vinegar with red wine and add some chili peppers and spices to the Pork Vindaloo dish.   

#2 Crab Xec Xec 

Whenever you visit Goa, you will discover an ample amount of mouth-watering food. If you have visited Goa uncounted times and haven’t tasted Crab Xec Xec, you must re-schedule a new visit and try this unique dish. The thick roasted curry is made with grated coconut, and lots of spices and magic of clove and tamarind will leave you speechless. It is a fantastic dish, and you can consume it with rice or bread to feast your hunger.

#3 Prawn Balchao

If you are fond of the pickle-driven dish and consuming spices is your cup of tea, then Prawn Balchao is made for you. Either consume it with rice or just spread over the bread and toast it; you will enjoy the dish in both manners. Furthermore, the taste of caramelized onions and toddy coconut vinegar will inspire you to make the recipe at your home.

#4 Sanna 

If you are from the southern part of India, this dish (Sanna) is your cup of tea. In other means, it is also known as idly (the quite popular dish among south Indians). Sanna is soft in texture, as locals call it spongy steamed rice. There are two methods you can cook Sanna; the first is spicy, and the other is sweet. Goans consume the spicy version with pork sorpotel and curry, whereas the sweet version is made of jaggery.

#5 Goans Red Rice 

This dish is also known as ukda rice; the dish is quite popular among gourmet circles in India. It’s an unpolished thick grained rice that has a reddish-brown color and nutty aromatic flavor. Its firm texture makes it perfect for soaking up coconut curries.

 #5 Chouris pão

Goan Sausages are a delicacy; these are cooked and eaten with rice or stuffed in goan Pao (pieces of bread), or cooked as a crisp fry, or utilized in making wiener pulao. Chouriço Pão is a Goan Sausage Bread where frankfurter meat is precooked, a bread batter is arranged, and cooked meat is complete in the bread and heated flawlessly. 

#6 Poee

Poee is a Portuguese-inspired dish and known as the most famous dish among Goans. It’s a form of bread that every local Goans consumes with different meals throughout the day. These days, many local bakers use new yeast to keep the moisture and texture of Poee to its perfection. It’s impeccable bread mopping up curries.  

#7 Kingfish

This delicate dish is quite popular among local Goans and tourists. It is also known as vison or visvan. A famous readiness is kingfish Rawa fry: filets are softly covered in semolina and seared to frame a firm outside and delicious inside. It’s likewise utilized in surmai (kingfish) curry, which contains ground coconut. 

#8 Feni 

A soul delivered solely in Goa. Cashew feni, produced using the primary concentrate of the cashew, is the civility of the Portuguese, who originally carried cashews to the Indian subcontinent. Coconut feni, refined from the matured drink from the coconut palm, is more famous in South Goa.

#9 Bebinca 

A multilayered coconut cake unique to Goa. Even though it requires not many fixings, the dish is monotonous to make. Rumors from far and wide suggest that the sweet was imagined by Bibiona, a cloister adherent at the nunnery of Santa Monica in Old Goa.     

Additional Items you may also consider

#1 Kokum Drink  

Kokum, a magnificent plant in the mangosteen family, is found in the waterfront spaces of western India. Its ruby-hued natural products are squeezed just as dried and used to acrid fish and prawn curries in Goan food. Plentiful in known as cancer prevention agents and nutrient C, kokum juice is an invigorating beverage to beat the warmth. Kokum sol kadhi, otherwise called kokum kadhi, is a hot tart-sweet refreshment made with coconut milk, flavors, and fluid extricated from the kokum strip. Useful for processing, it’s served toward the finish of dinners. 

#2 Sol Kadi 

Newly set up from Kokum or Amasol and coconut milk, Sol Kadi chills off and helps the stomach-related framework after eating fiery food. As a rule, Goans blend Sol Kadi in with the rice to have close by curry, but on the other hand, is routinely tanked all alone. 

#3 Head Spinning Lime Soda Sweet and Salty 

Most tourists found this drink amazing during their first visit to Goa, and they turned out to be calm dependent on them. The sweet and pungent adaptation, a delectably refreshing beverage, fantastic to battle drying out. It’s not difficult to make with the juice of a lime, a little sugar, somewhat salt, bested up with soft drink water and presented with much ice. 


Goa is a heaven on the earth. People from around the globe make their presence in Goa every year. If you are fond of traveling and discovering the most exciting tourist spot on mother earth, your hunt ends in Goa. You make sure that all the necessary arrangements are made; contact experts if you are clueless where to visit, they will arrange all the required deals for you. We wish you a happy stay in Goa.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]



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