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Goa a vital option for tourism and fitness-Know Everything

Are you fond of exploring new and exciting places in India? Do you frequently travel to stay in touch with Mother Nature and its beauty? If yes, then Goa is a vital option you have for tourism. In a common perspective, people assume Goa as a place famous for beaches and its wild nightlife only. But the truth is far away from their reach.  

Goa is also famous for its old heritage churches, street food, shopping markets, and fitness chambers. Yes, you heard right. Goans locals are health conscious, and they encourage tourists to stay fit as well. That is why you will discover ample numerous fitness centres and institutes where you can pop in and enjoy your stay in Goa can look after your body physics.  

Still wondering how? Needn’t worry! In today’s article, we will lay down few fitness centres options that you can consider while enjoying your journey in Goa. 

Bamboo Yoga Retreat: If you are a yoga freak, then a bamboo yoga retreat is an ideal place for you. The ambience is mind-blowing; a wooden floor with long window walls let the natural sunlight pass through and touch your body so that while performing yoga activities, natural heat can be provided to you.  

Speaking about amenities, then you will get enough parking spaces with a locker and shower facility. You can get a personalized or group class of yoga as per your suitability. If you want to go for a free trial, then they offer first-class free of cost just to let you feel comfortable. If you like their services, then you can join the classes after paying a nominal fee. The services they offer are Ashtanga Yoga, Lyengar Yoga, and Hatha yoga. 

Dance Illusions: Performing dance activities each day keep our body healthy and fit. Dance steps engaged all body parts. We sweat and feel energetic while performing dance activities. As per a recent study, if we perform dance activity half an hour each day, we can quickly eliminate high rated diseases such as heart attacks, digestions issues and obesity. 

A dance illusion is a place you can visit for a workout while staying in Goa. Professional trainers will sweat you out at a very nominal fee. The ambience is good with many features such as parking spaces for members—locker and shower facility with personalized or group classes’ options. In general, they offer contemporary and Bollywood dance forms. 

The Park Baga River: Are you fond of swimming? Do you love to swim like a fish? Do you want to feel fresh on the hot sizzling day in Goa? If yes, then The Park Baga River is a suitable place for you. The site is quite famous for its clean and hygienic swimming pool. It’s an outdoor swimming pool where you can swim and feel tired and rest on the long chairs residing just outside the pool.  

Highly professional training is provided here by the experienced staff. Facilities such as parking space, free trial, personalized training and locker and shower facility are available for the members. The price is nominal, and you can pay per visit or get one pass for multiple visits.  

Omaggio: It’s another good option for dance lovers. The place is quite popular among locals and tourists for teaching different dancing styles such as Contemporary, Bollywood, Hip-Hop, and FreeStyle. You can engage with all dancing styles or can pick one of your choices. The price will vary depending upon the no of types you have chosen.    

If you are tired of roaming Goa the entire day, then visiting Omaggio will rejuvenate you. Book your classes with professional and trained trainers only. 

Cecllular Nutrition Weight Management N Healthy Breakfast: This place is a one-stop health solution for fitness freaks. Under one roof you will get the facilities such as Personalized and group training. You will find the best cardio equipment in thethe industry—suitable and adjustable strength training equipment and enough space as a stretching area.  

Not only the staff will look after your work out needs, but they will also ensure that if you needed a healthy diet plan, then such services are appropriately offered to you. This is a great place where you can enjoy working out and interact with numerous tourists.  

Norbert’s Fitness Studio: Comparing to another fitness studio in Goa, Norbert’s holds a special place. The trainers are highly qualified and experienced. The equipment they have in their studio is of top-notch quality.  

Do you want to get rid of all-day nasty eating, then Norbert’s is the place where you need to be. You will surely lose 300-500 calories in every workout session and 1500-2000 calories per week. You will be back in shape in no time.  

Tripod Gym:  Tariq is the man behind the concept of Tripod Gym. After being a personal fitness coach for many years, Tariq finally decided to open his new gym in the middle of Goa. He is now looking after each guest and ensures that they are getting professional training for their body needs.  

You will get professional services in his gym such as muscle or weight gain, fat and weight loss, nutrition counselling, personal training, body transformation programs, body toning and transforming activities, and so on.  


Goa is a fantastic place to visit for tourism purpose. In this article, we have shown some best fitness places where you can visit while enjoying the natural beauty of Goa. You need to ensure that all the necessary bookings need to do before flying off for Goa. Always try to book your tour package with experience and professional tour company only. They have the knowledge and will guide you and book your travel as per your needs only. With professionals, you can also save your money and keep enjoying your stay in Goa hassle-free. 



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