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Go Goa- But know the facts first

Most of us love to travel to explore heaven on the earth. Travelling allows us to kill burnout and rejuvenate. Our today’s blog is all about GOA. You will gain appropriate wisdom about the place, such as which part to live in, about internet/ phone connectivity, and travel options. Stay tuned and read the blog till the end.

Whenever the name “GOA” hits our mind, we suddenly visualise the imaginary pictures of beautiful beaches and the ocean. We all deserve a break in life, and no place is better than GOA to give a shot. Natural beauty, living standards, pleasant weather, and marvellous sunrise are reasons that attract tourists to visit the spot.

Staying in GOA, not a mystery

In general, Goa is cleft into two parts. The first is known as north Goa, and another is south. The north portion is quite famous for parties and colossal crowd, whereas, calm environment and natural beaches can be discovered in the southern part. Our advice would be to pick centre Goa as your desired place to stay whenever you visit. The place-name is Panaji or Panjim; it locates in the middle of Goa. The location is famous for its heritage churches and other historical buildings. You won’t explore Goa’s active life, but you will have the most accessible access to North or South parts. Here you can view the beautiful sunset via walking to the heritage walks. The place is ideal for living and calms your mind from the fast-paced city life.

Furthermore, you can rent a flat in Goa rather than putting up inexpensive hotels. If you rent 1 BHK flat, then the price will start from INR 12,000/-. Accordingly, the cost of 2 BHK flats price commences from INR 17,000/- to INR 40,000/- depends upon the sqm you have opted for.

Goa Transportation-Know everything 

Goa is a beautiful place to move around. But you need a mode of transport to carry you from one place to another hassle-free. Here, we have researched some best methods that you can avail of to transport yourself in or around Goa easily.

Geared or Non-Geared bikes on rent

  • Save your travel time
  • Stop random places as you like
  • Price range from 200 to 350 per day (depend upon kind of bike)
  • Some geared bikes may vary from INR 400 to 1000 per day

Pilot (Motorcycle Rickshaws)

  • Easy to get on rent
  • Has the capacity to accommodate one person at a time
  • Advantageous to use for long or short travel
  • It cost INR 15 to INR 20 (per 1 KM)

Local Government Buses 

  • The cheapest mode of travel
  • Cost you INR 10 for 2-3 KM
  • Frequent bus stops allow you to stop at anytime

Cabs or Auto Rickshaws 

  • One of the least cost-effective way to travel in Goa
  • No meter existence stops overcharging you while travelling
  • The fixed price by the local government is INR 7 for rickshaws and INR 8 for cabs per km
  • Readily available to rent at some railway stations

Cost of Utilities in GOA-Prices will leave your eyes open 

If you are putting up in Goa, the basics essentials are required, and you must know their price. For example, water and electricity are not so expensive and will cost you around INR 2500 per month.

Furthermore, the internet has become an essential part of our life. We can’t imagine a day without the internet. If you are staying in Goa, then you have variants of internet options. The basic plan starts from INR 700 and lasts till INR 28000 per month.

If you opt a garbage disposal services in Goa while renting a flat, then an additional INR 1000 to INR 1200 you may have to bear. So be ready for it.

Goa’s Dine-out / Food Cost 

Goa is known for its wild and mind-blowing parties. In north Goa, you can head toward being a part of one of them. But if you decide to spend a night at Panjim, then dine out will cost you from INR 250 to INR 1000 per person. The water bottle is economical and costs you INR 15-20 only.

If you plan to cook at home, you need to spend INR 8000- INR 10000/- per month; the price will include everything such as milk, vegetables, and everyday grocery items.

Entertaining life of Goa 

In Goa, it is about entertainment and entertainment only, nothing above nothing less. There can’t be a dull day (or night) for you. Various exercises are occurring, and it is up to you what you need to appreciate on a specific day. For a couple of local people sitting in a nearby bar and enjoying a jug of lager, everything, except for others going to a club and celebrating the whole night, is compulsory.

In Goa, you can go out shopping, appreciate a film, go on a lengthy drive, and have a long seashore walk. Essentially, it is up to you how you need to go through the day, and the expense of every one of the action is extraordinary.

Goa is known for its modest brew. Without much of a stretch, you can get an imported brew for under 150 bucks, while the homegrown lager is just about as low as INR 60.

Although assuming you are searching for different exercises as a diversion, the cost to watch a film in a film is INR 250. Further, things like wellness club will cost somewhere near INR 1,500.

Shopping in Goa is somewhat costly. Goans themselves try not to shop here as the garments are typically sold at a more exorbitant cost than expected, be that as it may, assuming you need to feel free to purchase things for yourself, a dress would cost about INR 2,000, while some pants would cost around about INR 2,500.


It will be ideal to hire a local guide if you are not good with reading maps or locating new places in Goa on your own. Moreover, you need to pre-plan the itinerary. It will help you experience pleasure stay in Goa.



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