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Outstanding Co-Working Spaces in Goa- Know Everything

Lately, Goa has become a tourist attraction place and a favorite destination for nomads and expats. Along with beautiful natural beauty, Goa has a lot to offer. The good thing about visiting Goa is getting away from a regular tight schedule, hectic city life and eliminates work-related stress. Goa has an eco-friendly environment to offer to its visitors. Tourists usually love to visit this place for a short time, but they turned out to love the place and extend their stays for months. If you are new to Goa, here is a little knowledge we will share with you. The information will work as a light in the tunnel for you. Read this article till the end to discover some co-working spaces in Goa.  


 MeWo is the most affectionate and beautifully designed co-working space anyone can think about. The contemporary furniture and advanced infrastructure attract tourists around the globe. You can expect fast internet here with a safe backup. In case there is a blackout all of a sudden, you won’t have to worry about it as electric generators will automatically startup. 

If you have visited MeWo with your team, then private office spaces will drag your attractions. Well-organized workstations, air conditions, beautiful walls, and distance between each table are some forte to work at MeWo. 

Snacks and aromatic coffee are available in the kitchen to feast your hunger. Your belongings are safe here as appropriate CCTV cameras are installed and promptly watched by trained staff.  

Blue Lotus 

Blue Lotus is an ideal place for digital nomads. The site is located in the small village of Goa known as Ucassaim. The building where Blue Lotus exists is 140 years old and is known as the ancient heritage of Goa.  

Though the rooms are not so big but it is perfectly suitable for individual nomads. Each room has a chair and small table and if you don’t find one, then let the reception knows or request at the time of booking. 

There is a common area where you can accomplish your office work if you don’t find your room enough to work. The internet speed is good, but in the evenings, when everyone gathers and is online, the internet speed goes down automatically. You can’t complain about it to anyone but have to organize your work priorities accordingly.   

The staff at Blue Lotus is amicable and takes guests on hikes in nature to the nearby hills and forest. You will find an excellent opportunity to practice group meditation and learn Yoga from some expert teachers. Since the place is quite famous for international travels, you can open your boundaries and make some good friends.  

91Spring Board 

91 SpringBoard is the most beautiful co-working space in Panjim. It has two different floors and opens 24/7 for its members. You can opt for an open workstation or rent a private office space.

Furthermore, you will have access to conference rooms and a kitchen with delicious and mouth-watering food. If you love to work while standing, then a long-standing table along with a window look will be ideal for you. 

The place is quite casual but with a unique infrastructure. You can work on a couch or beanbags in the lounge. The site is also pet-friendly, so if you have any domestic social animal such as a dog or cat, just bring it in.  


 NomadGao is the most beautiful co-working space you will find ever in Goa. Apart from a luxurious co-working space, you will find the fastest internet services in Goa. 

Wooden floor and potted plants will drag your intention, and you will end up loving this space.  

The propaganda of this place is to build up the network of digital nomads. You will find that many nomads here belong to different parts of the world. NomadGao is best known for organizing events to help local startups and bringing the co-working community together on one platform.    

You will always find an excellent company here to share a cup of tea or coffee. The food is also excellent at NomadGao; the staff is friendly and helpful. If you need to know anything about local, then their team helps you and assist with examples.  

The Old Quarter Hostel 

The old quarter hostel is another good co-working space for the tourists to find a peaceful space to accomplish their tasks while enjoying a cup of coffee in their hands. The hostel is located in the Fontainhas area in Panjim. 

This place has robust wifi and is equipped with a small café. Apart from tea or coffee, you would be able to enjoy small and fresh refreshments. The ambiance is friendly, and peace in the place allows you to remain focus on your work. 

So, if you are the sort of person who loves peace and still wants to explore a friendly co-working space with limited access, then The old quarter hostel is the place you can’t miss. 

Ignite Innovation Hub 

A more genuine, government-run development center point, Ignite isn’t only for new companies yet for anybody on the chase for a tranquil, simple collaborating space. A more genuine option in contrast to its eccentric neighbor, 91Springboard, this current one’s open nonstop as well.

Regarding offices, you’ll discover a pitch room, a bistro, meeting rooms, a massive amphitheater for occasions, and surprisingly private lodges. The decision between Flexi work areas and committed work stations is similarly helpful for computerized migrants as too few new businesses. 

Mozaic Co-working space 

Mozaic Co-Working Space at the Design Valley unquestionably appears as though it was intended for imaginative experts. As a plan place meets a collaborating space, it permits a consistent trade of thoughts between individuals from assorted fields. Inventiveness and usefulness consistently coordinate here. They have bunch spaces, outside seating, meeting rooms, an amphitheater, cafeteria, display space, etc. They don’t offer day passes, yet you can take a preliminary for a day if you’re taking a gander at investigating an enrollment with them. 

Final Words

Goa is a heaven on the earth. So whenever you plan to visit Goa next time, considers the places mentioned above and share your experience with us. 



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